Call me jello

Multi-colored jello

Full-time RVers often describe their schedules as being etched in jello. You don’t know where you’ll be until you get there.

After decades of deadlines on the hyper East Coast, I’m getting more jello-like every day.  I don’t make up my mind about where I’m going until the very last minute. Ron says you can always drive 50 miles down the road and turn around but that’s not my style. I don’t like going backwards unless it’s in a forward direction. Yeh, I’m weird that way.

Case in point:  I’ve been at the LoW-HI RV Ranch in Deming, New Mexico for a month. My choices are: (1) Extend for another month, through December 23, (2) Pay for four more nights to stay through the annual Loners on Wheels (LoWs) Thanksgiving dinner and then move west and south, and (3) Move west and south tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I was all set on staying through Thanksgiving and then moving on. A lot of people I know are at Fountain of Youth Spa & RV Resort (FOY) in Niland, California. FOY is offering a new customer special — full hook-ups (electric, water, and sewer) for only $9.95/day through December 31. After that, the FHU rate catapults to $44/day.

FOY’s other attraction is its proximity to Slab City.  Named for the concrete slabs from the abandoned World War II Marine barracks of Camp Dunlap, Slab City is an eclectic ad hoc winter community. With winter daytime temperatures in the 70s, and free off-grid living, Slab City attracts a wide range of people including many RVers.

The Slab LoWs, a LoW chapter, have a long-standing compound in Slab City so I’d know people.  One of the more interesting is “Radio Mike” Depraida, an artist and renaissance man who runs a pirate radio station and the Head Hunters Lounge & Tiki Bar, all solar-powered.

Solar power is ubiquitous in Slab City. “Solar Mike” Gohl, Owner of The Sun Works, has been selling and installing solar panels in Slab City since 1986.  RVers consider him one of the best.  I’ve wanted to install solar even before getting Pegasus.

Despite the attraction of FOY and Slab City, however, I’m staying put for now. At $180 a month plus electricity, you can’t live much cheaper. Plus, I’ve enjoyed spending time with friends here, checking out the St. Clair and Luna Rossa wineries, going out to dinner at Adobe Deli, and lunch at the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico where the first drink is always free. Lastly, I may be able to get solar installed here in Deming.

And so, this morning, I broke down and paid for one more month, assuring myself that if things changed, I could always move on. Right now I don’t have to be anyplace until Elks Lodge No. 1952 in Garden Grove, California on January 5th.

So, call me jello.  I’ve been called worse.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

4 thoughts on “Call me jello”

  1. Jello in good health!! For the first time in years, the Lone Star Corral is NOT having a Thanksgiving Day dinner. Jack and I are going to do our own thing. We are going to cook a small turkey breast in the crockpot! I’d even save some turkey meat for Roan, our favorite dog!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Liz!

    1. Hi Liz and Jackson,

      Jello in great health! 🙂

      Why isn’t LSC doing Thanksgiving dinner? I remember it from last year. It was a lot of fun.

      Roan would gladly welcome turkey leftovers. If he’s lucky, he may get some here. He still dreams of the smoked turkey leg. 🙂

      Happy Gobble, Gobble Day to you and Jackson.



  2. Life is too short and there are too many adventures to be had on the road to be complacent with mediocrity . . . .

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