The t’s have it

I’ve been inspired by James Twyman to design a t-shirt.

James Twyman runs the World Peace Pulse website.

He is organizing a synchronized meditation during a Donald Trump rally on 21 March 2016 (city to be announced) and at every rally in the next several months.

rainbow peace signIn his 3 March 2016 email, he asks:

…what would happen if a handful of people were present at every Donald Trump rally wearing a T-shirt that says simply: “Meditating For Peace.”  They won’t say a word, just sit quietly and pray during the speeches. And what if every time it happens thousands of people from around the world participated energetically?

I like that.  Meditating for rather than warring against.

James Twyman’s goal is to inspire Peaceful Sit-ins at every Donald Trump event, as well as other candidates for President.

Why stop there?

Why not declare 21 March 2016 — the Spring Equinox — Global Meditating for Peace Day?

Why not declare the 21st day of every month Global Meditating for Peace Day?

Heck — why not declare every day Global Meditating for Peace Day?

Hey — I’m in.   How about you?

Please take a few moments to answer the questions below.

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If enough people are interested, I’ll place an order.

I may place an order even if “enough” people aren’t interested. A la Field of Dreams.

Yes — that’s just how I roll.

Thanks and Peace Out.