Life wide open

(Photo: Playa Hermosa sunset, J. McGregor, Jr.)

What do you do with a

When there are no rules,
No expectations,
No agenda…

What do you do?

First, you clamp down hard, oyster-style.
In shock.
Paralyzed with fear.
Not high with hope.

How do you create a New Life?
Where do you start?

With one step because if you think of everything you have to do,
everything you will do in the days and months ahead,
you will topple into a pit of deepest despair and inertia.

It’s too hard!

Now what?

You can’t be afraid of making mistakes because you will.
And who cares?
The world won’t end.
The sky won’t fall.
The earth will keep spinning.
And you’ll be here spinning with it.

So, take one step,
Just one step,
Just one.

Some say that Life Wide Open is a gift.
But a gift they return to sender.
They can’t really understand.
They have roots, commitments,
Ties to people and place.

They chirp, “Be happy! You’re free!”
But they don’t see that Freedom is terrifying,
Infinite possibility a curse.

Certainty comforts.
Routine calms.
Schedule subdues.

Don’t get me wrong.
I don’t like restrictions.
I minimize obligations.

But total freedom.
That’s another story.

So, I’ll take one step,
Just one step,
Just one.

4 thoughts on “Life wide open”

    1. Thank you Esme. It is a constant challenge. I just have to not think about it too much, or at all for that matter! I thank you for your support and send you love and light!

    1. One step at a time. I have to remind myself of this constantly. You think I’d eventually get it! 🙂 Freedom isn’t for the fainthearted. Love you Millie!

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