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Terror crashed into me like a wave,
Smashing my eardrums with its thunder,
Making me immobile.
A tight fist gripped my heart and twisted, hard.
I was alive and didn’t want to be.

I Pray

I pray that my life has meaning.
I ask for Divine support and help on my journey,
every step of the way.

I pray to be sent signs that I understand to help me.
I pray to give and receive Love,
to increase the Love Quotient in the world,
on this plane.

I pray that all men and women find and experience this Divine Love.
I pray for All to Be in Love,
surrounded and engulfed, cognizant of our Divine Nature–
True unadulterated Love.

I pray for help, now and always,
for Divine Inspiration,
and the wisdom to recognize it when it comes.

I pray for peace for all men and women,
as well as all of God’s Creations.

I pray for serenity.
I pray for health.
I pray for meaning.

I pray to make a difference,
however small or slight.

I pray for hope and a brighter future.

I pray that a fireball of Love engulfs this plane.
I pray for Love,
to have it, to give it, and to receive it.

This is my prayer and deepest wish.
I know that it is possible, that all is possible,
in and by the One that created All.

And so I thank you
for hearing and answering
my prayer.

An Artist’s Prayer

Please help me find my way as a writer and co-creator with you.
Please help me discover how my writing can serve you and the world and increase Love.
I am wide open to your voice and the signs you send me.
I throw myself at the Universe’s feet, confident in the outcome.
Please help me surrender.
Thy will be done through me.
Thank you.

Pegasus speaks

Pegasus speaks
illuminating the inner universe
with greater understanding

Pegasus soars
taking our hearts and minds
on the ride of a lifetime

Pegasus sees
the inherent wisdom
the Oneness of All

Pegasus speaks
opening the lines of communication
with wisdom and grace