“Oh shit!,” I said to myself.  “What am I doing here?
Whose brilliant idea was this anyway?”
And then I remember.
It was mine.

You know what they say about not volunteering?
Guess I got the memo,
Too little, too late.
Or more likely ignored it,
Thinking I was exempt from such clichés.

But here I was.
I had to deal with it.
Or die trying.

To Be

My parents
Mom and Dad, April 2011

50 years a daughter
Now an orphan be
Her specialness is ended
Woe, oh woe is me

Life’s purpose is confounding
The reason why to be
Uncertainty becomes her
To be or not to be

And so onward she travels
From sea to shining sea
Homeward bound forever
Until one day she be

Where to go
What to see
What to do
Who to be

Another day behind her
And ever onward she
The reason why discovered
To be is just to be

With thanks for ever after
No longer more to be
Her journey now is ended
Home once again and free