Taking a dump

After class on Friday and an intense weekend of YogaWorks Teacher Training, I’m taking a break from all things yoga today. So, what am I doing instead?

Well, first it’s gorgeous here. Sunny and the 70s and I sincerely apologize to my friends back in the D.C. suburbs who got buried by two feet of snow this past weekend. I recall post-blizzard Sourwood cul-de-sac parties drinking mulled wine and coffee and Bailey’s as we tossed broken branches into a fire pit. Fond memories but I’m glad I’m not there now.

So, as my friends back east continue to dig out, I walked Roan, did a much-needed load of whites with bleach, checked my email, drank a few cups of coffee.

Hearing commotion through the front open door, I wandered out in my t-shirt and flip flops (I can’t resist) to see what was up. Monday seems to be “dump day” here at Garden Grove Elks Lodge #1952. There are several approaches to dumping the black and gray tanks and all are used here.

Some folks simply pull in their slides, unhook their rigs, drive around the parking lot to the conveniently located dump station, use a standard 3-inch slinky sewer hose to dump, drive back to their spots, back back in, and set up things all over again.

Others, myself included, aspire to dump in place, without all the unhooking, moving, and re-hooking nonsense.

Flojet portable macerator pump
Flojet portable macerator pump

John uses a Flojet portable macerator pump. A macerator pump connects to the RV’s sewer outlet and grinds up sewer waste into teeny tiny pieces. Waste and grey water are then pumped through a 5/8″ or larger garden hose to the dump station. The macerator pump is powered by the RV’s batteries. John uses about 40 feet of hose which the lodge has. Cost: $203.59

Sewer Solution
Sewer Solution

Joe, on the other hand, uses a Sewer Solution to dump his tanks. The Sewer Solution uses water instead of electricity to produce a jet pump system. Like a macerator pump, it uses a garden hose to dispatch the waste and grey water to the dump station. Cost: $72.99

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank, also known as a “blue boy”
Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank, also known as a “blue boy”

I’m asking a few RV technician friends which they recommend. In the meantime, Matthew uses the tried and true Blue Boy to dump my tanks. Cost: $10 and homemade baked goods.

Yes, I realize that such elaborate discussion about dumping sewerage is neither sexy nor glamorous but it is an important part of the full-time RVer’s life, especially when you don’t have full hookups.

Ok, so what else have I done today?

Well, Monday is “breakfast for lunch” at the lodge. I joined Jack, the RV camp host; Matthew, his able assistant; and neighbors and new friends Joe and Mary Frances (known to her friends as “MF”) for lunch. I had two eggs over easy, hash browns, grilled steak (for Roan), and waffles. Cost: $6.45.

Now I’m back in Pegasus, listening to jazz, writing this blog, and enjoying the beautiful Milwaukee summer day.

Stay warm everyone, wherever you are.  And whatever you do — don’t eat the yellow snow.

4 thoughts on “Taking a dump”

  1. A most enjoyable read. thank you. I must admit, though, that I expected some sort of disaster with the process of “dumping” and was relieved to find that none occurred–at least yet.

    I hope yoga school is worth having to put up with such awful winter weather.

    1. Thanks Ron. I’ve had a few “close calls” dumping the black tank over the past few years but nothing major. 🙂 Looks like I’m going to get the macerator pump. I figure I can use it when I’m at my friend’s place in Wabeno, WI and at the Elks Lodge where I may park while in Milwaukee this summer.

      How are things in Deming? It looks like the weather’s improved.

      Say “hi” to all my friends at LoW-HI.


  2. Hey lady!! I have enjoyed catching up on your posts and am happy to hear that you and Roan are well 🙂 Us Demingites sure do miss you! Btw, I had breakfast for lunch today so it’s serendipitous that I read this post!

    Anxiously waiting to take yoga lessons from you… With some glasses of good wine to follow, of course 😉

    Keep the blogs coming!!!

    1. Hi Julie! I love breakfast for lunch and dinner. We’ll have to do IHOP again.

      Yoga with wine to follow sounds good to me. I’m in for that. 🙂

      Have fun in Palomas at the annual Pink Store V-Day party. Wish I were there. I’ll be thinking of you all.

      Miss you too!

      Roan’s still enjoying his birthday treats.

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