The t’s have it

I’ve been inspired by James Twyman to design a t-shirt.

James Twyman runs the World Peace Pulse website.

He is organizing a synchronized meditation during a Donald Trump rally on 21 March 2016 (city to be announced) and at every rally in the next several months.

rainbow peace signIn his 3 March 2016 email, he asks:

…what would happen if a handful of people were present at every Donald Trump rally wearing a T-shirt that says simply: “Meditating For Peace.”  They won’t say a word, just sit quietly and pray during the speeches. And what if every time it happens thousands of people from around the world participated energetically?

I like that.  Meditating for rather than warring against.

James Twyman’s goal is to inspire Peaceful Sit-ins at every Donald Trump event, as well as other candidates for President.

Why stop there?

Why not declare 21 March 2016 — the Spring Equinox — Global Meditating for Peace Day?

Why not declare the 21st day of every month Global Meditating for Peace Day?

Heck — why not declare every day Global Meditating for Peace Day?

Hey — I’m in.   How about you?

Please take a few moments to answer the questions below.

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If enough people are interested, I’ll place an order.

I may place an order even if “enough” people aren’t interested. A la Field of Dreams.

Yes — that’s just how I roll.

Thanks and Peace Out.

5 thoughts on “The t’s have it”

    1. Thanks Phyllis.

      I’ll have to see if I can do both designs in one group order.

      I’ll let you know.



  1. Great idea, Liz! Why stop at the Trump rallies? We are limitless beings. I follow James T too. You rock!

    Karen K.

    1. Hi Karen,

      The Trump rallies are James Twyman’s starting point. Being apolitical as I am, I propose to go far beyond elections and take the message “Meditating for Peace” to every day.



  2. Why not have “Meditating for Peace” at Hillary Clinton’s rallies? Oh wait, there is no peace in her only the guilt of BenGhazi!!

    How’s Roan?

    Jack and Liz

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