Three as One

The Heart
The Heart

The Heart knows.

The Head begs to differ and not at all respectfully.

The Heart says: Let’s stay. We can be happy here.

The Head says: Let’s keep moving. There’s more around the next corner. There’s gotta be.

The Heart says: Let’s put down roots and call this place “home.”

The Head says: Are you crazy? Commit? Why on Earth would you want to settle here of all places? We’re rolling stones, remember? Just look down. See the wheels? Wheels are made for rolling.

The Heart says: I’m tired of rolling. I just want to stay put for a while. We can still wheel along, just in smaller doses.

The Head
The Head

The Head says: But we can’t afford it, remember?  We’re poor, remember? No cash flow, remember?

But the Heart says: We have more than enough and you know it. And the cash flow will come. We’re building our future, a piece at a time.

But the Head says: I want our future built right now! I want to know how everything will turn out right now! I want! I want!! I want!!!  Wah!!!

And the Heart says: Calm down dear Head.  This is what I want — no — this is what we need.  And you know it.

Head: But what if we fall?
Heart: But what if we fly?
Head: But what if we’re wrong?
Heart: But what if we’re right?

The Head says: I’m afraid.

The Heart says: Come here so I can give you a big hug. Believe in The Love.

The Head says, bowing to the Heart: I believe in The Love. Let’s do this.

The Soul
The Soul

And then the Soul chimes in, throwing a monkey wrench into the mix:

Well, I want to fly, to be free and unencumbered, to come and go at will. No ties, no commitments, no nada. I want to be able to move at a moment’s notice — anytime, day or night. Now you see me, now you don’t. That’s what I want so deal with it.

The Head and Heart look at each other, not at all pleased with Soul’s intrusion. They thought they had this all figured out but now what?

And so a quandary is born.

But not really.

Compromise, my dear Heart, Head, and Soul.

We can do it all and then some.

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    1. I knew you had! You do everything ahead of me or, at least most things. Guess that’s because you have more years under your belt — my fancy way of saying that you’re older than me. 🙂

      Thanks Ron!


  1. Blessings and gratitude, Liz, for your courage in sharing the raw depth of your present moment Truth.

    With awe and respect,

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